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What are Instant Payday Lenders?

Instant payday lenders directly from lending companies are fast. Usually the loan application may be approved or rejected in a matter of minutes, the fastest is 5 minutes. The money is transferred to the borrower's bank account in 15 minutes.

Amount may vary from 50 to 3000. The payment may be done for one time on the next payday for small amount of loans. For larger loans, the amount may be paid in an installment basis which could range from 3 months to 2 years on a monthly payment basis. Payment can be done in various ways.

payday advance One, the borrower can write a post-dated checks which include the amount of money borrowed, interest and additional fees. The payment is debited to the borrowers account on payday or on the due date agreed upon. Another method is by giving authorization to the lending company to deduct the amount due on the payment deadline. This payment is ideal for payment on installment basis. Apply today for a quick decision!

Some lending companies provide mobile applications for frequent short term borrowers who need small amount of money. This makes borrowing from the same company easier and in an instant.


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Nobody can guarantee 100% acceptance, but we do have high acceptance.

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